Welcome to Montego Services

Thank you for visiting MonteGo Services! Here at MonteGo we put the customer first!

MonteGo Services is a SharePoint and Cloud focused company which provides services and support to enterprises and event managers leveraging SharePoint On-Premise, Office 365, Azure, AWS and Nintex via our very own event manager platform.

Interested in migrating from other event platforms such as Evite, CVent, Eventbrite, etc. to ours?
Not a problem. Thanks to our custom tools, and provided your software has an API, we can leverage it to migrate the information into our platform.

Whether you host with us or have your own Office 365 tenant, we can make it work for you! Integrate your event process with our platform easily using Azure. Support for vendors and other services can easily be integrated. Using our mobile Go app we are able to help you onsite and on the go.

Our MonteGo’s services training is comprehensive and the most significant way to ensure proper use of our product and one of the best perks you can offer your employees. Let us be part of your success!