Case Manager

Our Case Management System (CMS) is built on Microsoft Office 365 which is one of the largest and most used cloud platforms in the world. This means it uses the full power of the Office 365 suite, and services which delivers an easy way to create, manage, track, and assign cases.

The CMS application uses Office 365 to provide a structured case management system that is easy to use and streamlines your learning curve. We can provide storage for up to 2 million cases! Creating a case is easy as 123! Create a new case, add participant and related persons info, income and expenses and demographics for the case. Manage the case by assigning a case manager.

The CMS product provides real time management of the case by giving you the ability to create and assign tasks, record activity, add documents, update case notes, manage your case calendar all from one page. Reporting, printing and exporting information is easy! Call for a demo today!

Try our easy to use CMS application today and never miss manage another case again!