Non-Profit Case Management System

The Montego Case Management System provides many features in a user friendly software that helps your company stay organized!

Looking for the perfect application to keep track of your clients, beneficiaries, or program activities?   Look no further, the Montego Case Management System offers a complete budget friendly application that allows you to gather information, demographics that will not break the bank. It allows management to assign cases to employees and teams and helps keep employees organized with task for follow up and deadlines for each individual case all running in SharePoint.

What is driving the purchase?

Wouldn’t you like an easy to use Case Management system that is easy to use and runs on a platform you use every day? Take a look at how the Montego Case Management System is beneficial to your company:

For example:

  • Do you use SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013-2019 in your current work environment?
  • Need a case management software to replace a manual process that’s become cumbersome and outdated? Maybe existing software that no longer meets your organization’s needs?
  • Are you looking to streamline operations? Moved to the cloud but your CMS didn’t do to technical constraints?
  • Do you anticipate growth or other changes in the next few years that would affect your case management software needs?


CMS offers many features at a great budget friendly price!

If your company needs a CMS solution, look no further! Here are just a few features that we offer at CMS:

  • Depth and customization of stored data fields
  • Contact management
  • Communication capabilities (such as manual and automated emailing)
  • Case Management workflow process
  • Off-the-shelf and customized reporting (depending on the number of metrics to be tracked or other aspects of your case management reporting needs)
  • Track donations
  • Security groups for need to know
  • Uploading / Downloading of documents
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • and MORE!

Contact us today so we can demo our stress-free solution!

Our full product is $599 and installs on SharePoint platforms 2013, 2016, 2019, and SharePoint Online. Maintenance is $59 yearly and we support our product via email and phone support. Email or call us today for a demo!

CMS Screenshots


New Case Creation

Add documents

Add Tasks

Add Calendar Items

Add Case Notes

Add Case Records

Assign A Manager

Main Page

Manage Case

We would appreciate the opportunity to demo our solution to you and your team. Call Us Today!