Montego is at the forefront of digital transformation, specializing in the Microsoft 365 arena. With a rich heritage of over 15 years in collaboration technology and boasting over 30 years of cumulative IT expertise, we pride ourselves on driving innovation and modernizing business processes. Our seasoned team has successfully guided numerous organizations in harnessing the power of collaborative tools, enhancing their internal operations, and bolstering their bottom line. Trust in Montego to be your trusted partner in navigating the evolving digital landscape.

We support these services:

  • Microsoft Solutions: Microsoft 365, Azure, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Syntex, SharePoint (Migrations, On-Premises, Online Administration, Development), Exchange (On-Premises, Online), and Active Directory Power Platform: Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI.Cloud Services: AWS.

    Partner Technologies: ShareGate, Saketa, and Nintex.

    …and more!

Our clients have seamlessly executed both straightforward and intricate solutions across on-premises, hybrid, and pure cloud environments. When faced with challenges, such as the discontinuation of SharePoint 2010 workflows in the cloud, we’ve consistently risen to the occasion. We expertly transitioned those legacy workflows into cutting-edge cloud technologies using Microsoft 365’s Power Tools, ensuring our customers’ operations remained unhindered and efficient.

Our Experience

Our team boasts experience from some of the most innovative IT companies globally, including Microsoft. Not only do we utilize the Microsoft platforms we champion internally, but we’ve also succeeded in assisting our clients when others couldn’t. With a foundation built on three decades of IT expertise, we instill confidence in our customers. They trust us because we continuously integrate the latest technologies into our solutions, ensuring they remain at the forefront of digital innovation.

Our Customer Service

Our customer service team, enriched with a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. With deep roots in IT and a broad spectrum of customer service experiences, we ensure that every interaction with Montego is insightful and supportive. We’re here to guide and assist you at every juncture.

We Look at The Big Picture

At Montego, we’re committed to comprehensive clarity. Before embarking on any project, we strive for a complete grasp of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our clients value our candor: we transparently present both the potential and the pitfalls of every situation. To us, fostering trust and maintaining an open dialogue with our customers is paramount. We prioritize preserving our relationship with you by being honest, transparent, and always placing your needs at the forefront.

Partners And Reach

Montego takes pride in forging powerful partnerships. Our collaborations with industry giants like Nintex and Microsoft not only fortify our market relevance but also anchor our position in the collaboration domain. These partnerships facilitate invaluable product training and enhance the support we provide during our engagements.

But our vision doesn’t stop there. We continually join forces with premier companies in the collaboration and cloud arena, amplifying the robust solutions we offer to our clients. As we evolve, we’re actively seeking new partnerships within the event management space and are eager to integrate innovative solutions from forward-thinking companies. This expansion and openness ensure we remain at the pinnacle of service and innovation for our customers and the industry at large.

Start Your Digital Journey with Us

Embark on a transformative digital experience tailored for your company. Whether it’s venturing into the vast potentials of cloud technology, diving deep into event management, or harnessing the power of our proprietary software like Yoke and Tourbook, we’re poised to guide and support. Let’s co-create a brighter, more agile digital future for your business. Reach out to us; let’s explore the possibilities together.