At Montego Services we understand the need for collaboration and the technologies that support it. We also understand that your business is important and maintaining your daily business routine while investing time and energy into a new IT effort is time-consuming. Along with those efforts will come new technology challenges and this can be overwhelming. Therefore, our approach is to provide guidance and lessons learned knowledge to help your company feel comfortable and help guide the projects we support for minimal error.

We investigate your main requirements and provide the right solutions for your company. With many solutions and technologies to choose from, Montego Services has found that AWS and Microsoft clouds offer great solutions and competitive pricing to migrate and integrate your business processes. Also, while knowing cloud services brings some uncertainty to those that are new to the platform, we provide proven solutions and metrics to show how these new services can help drive better continuity within your business processes and help to interface with your customers and partners smarter.

Whether you face issues from assessments like governance, custom solutions, migration, or digital transformation in general our team has worked with many companies to successfully migrate old technologies to new platforms. Whether it’s cloud to cloud, server to server, or application to application we can help you move your business to the next generation of solutions to provide stability for your company’s competitive future.

Cloud Services and Solutions

We believe that the solution for your organization must be assessed and planned before implementation. Any migration to the cloud can be a very complex project that most companies will need help to provide expertise to implement. At Montego Services we can help you with requirements gathering, organizing your migration of content, data, and solutions, support governance and assessments of current systems processes, networking, and authentication solutions discovery as well as development and customizations. Montego Services supports Azure, AWS, Microsoft 365, On-Premises Microsoft applications, and more. Make the right choice in a digital transformation service provider! Let us help you find the right solutions for the cloud today!


Montego Services has supported many On-Premises environments for many years and completely understands these environments as we support Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype. Operating in an On-Premises environment requires experienced professionals who have been involved in supporting servers, networks, and applications that run locally to support your user community as well as your customers. Montego Services has been there and done that! We have been successful over the last 30 years in supporting On-Premises environments and understand that there are many versions of software and customizations that can come into play in any environment. We will assess, plan, and finalize the requirements with you to recommend a solution that supports your needs. Montego Services wants to help you make the right decisions for your company’s unique situation to bring success and growth to the future of your technological roadmap.


Montego Services has helped customers build new mobile applications and support those already in place in your company to enhance functionality, and security and bring better user experiences. We are here to help you, whether helping complete projects that involve Azure and Office 365 SSO, Intune or documenting requirements from an existing application and helping you rebuild that application. We can offer support every step of the way! Mobile applications are the catalyst to onboarding deeper relationships with customers and partners. Mobile Technologies bring powerful applications that bring technology full circle from the palm of your hand to your company’s databases. Let Montego Services show you how to move forward and redirect your company’s focus to bring winning ideas to your company’s future!