Yoke Events Mobile App

Yoke: Tailored Precision for Event Planners

In the dynamic world of event planning, a one-size-fits-all solution can often fall short. Traditional project management platforms like Asana and Trello, while robust, aren’t always equipped to cater to the intricate nuances of event management. Herein lies the challenge for small-scale event planners: adapting to tools that might cover only half of their specific needs.

Enter Yoke.

Designed with unwavering precision, Yoke emerges as the definitive go-to app for event planners. It’s not just an app—it’s an evolution, bridging the gap where other platforms falter. We’ve infused Yoke with a unique structure that resonates seamlessly with your team, ensuring that every member finds the experience intuitive. Our promise? An app that’s power-packed yet delightfully simple.

What Sets Yoke Apart? Our vision for Yoke is rooted in providing nimble solutions that echo the pulse of contemporary event management. And with a plethora of updates on the horizon, the Yoke experience is only set to get richer.

Features that Empower:

  • Holistic Organization Management: Simplify your workflow with our integrated organizational interface, designed for streamlined efficiency.
  • Effortless Event Creation: From the initial idea to final execution, organizing events is seamless with Yoke.
  • Task and Meeting Coordination: Easily assign tasks, track progress, and manage meetings. Integrates smoothly with Calendly for scheduling.
  • Dynamic Communication Tools: Stay connected through chat, posts, and polls. Foster team engagement, gauge opinions, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Robust Budget Management: Handle finances with precision, ensuring cost-effectiveness and easy coordination of event expenses.
  • Set List/Agenda Management: Craft and distribute key event schedules and tasks with ease, keeping everyone informed and prepared.
  • Music Review Integration (YouTube): Enjoy in-app playback and seamlessly integrate music into your events, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Networking and Opportunities: Get recognized at your events. Our ‘Get Hired’ feature allows attendees to connect with you instantly for future engagements.
  • Team Management Made Simple: Efficiently organize and communicate with your team members, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Efficient Customer Management: Manage your customer list effortlessly, enhancing client relations and service delivery.
  • Customizable Event Packages: Easily bundle services and products, creating tailored event packages that can be applied effortlessly.
  • Hotel Lodging Coordination: Simplify accommodation arrangements for a hassle-free experience.
  • Travel Itinerary Management: Ensure team members are well-informed with accessible travel itineraries.
  • Day Off Schedule Planning: Organizers can conveniently schedule and manage days off for their team.
  • Attendee Portal: A user-friendly interface where attendees can search, purchase, and favorite events with ease.
  • QRP Ticketing System: Facilitate smooth ticket sales online and at the door, enhancing the purchasing experience.
  • Ticket Scanning at Entry: Streamline entry processes with our efficient ticket scanning system.
  • Straightforward Refund Process: Ensure customer satisfaction with an easy-to-use refund system.
  • Accessible Event Policies: Display your ticket and event policies clearly for everyone’s convenience.
  • Note-taking and Task Management: Capture important notes and to-dos, ensuring nothing gets missed.
  • Document Management: Keep all your event-related documents in one secure, easily accessible place.
  • And Much More! Discover the full potential of Yoke – your partner in exceptional event management.


As we continue to refine and expand, our commitment remains unchanged: to equip small-scale event planners with an unmatched toolkit that turns visions into tangible realities.




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